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Strengthen & Empower Children, Families & Communities

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Tacú Ballinrobe FRC

Credit Union House, Main Street, Ballinrobe, Co Mayo
(Western Region)

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Tel: 094 954 2908
Fax: 0949542907
Mobile: 0872859973


Core Staff

Role: Project Coordinator

Name: Mary Jackson

Role: Project Administrators (Job sharing position}

Name: Michelle Walsh / Mary Langan

Role: Youth & Community Development Officer

Name: Grace McGee

Core Activities

  • Community Based Family Support Project
  • Ballinrobe Community Garden
  • Affordable Counselling Service
  • Youth Booth
  • Ballinrobe Community Sports Hub
  • Community Bingo Project
  • Afterschool Project
  • Meals on Wheels Service
  • Community Activities Project
  • Ballinrobe Men's Shed
  • Drug & Alcohol Family Support Project
  • Foodcloud and FEAD Programme

About Us

Vision Statement
Tacú’s vision is of an inclusive and equitable community that values individuals, families and community groups, enabling and celebrating their contribution to society.
Mission Statement
Tacú Family Resource Centre provides an appropriate and integrated response to the identified needs of individuals & families of the area in a caring manner that is egalitarian, non-judgemental and has an anti-poverty, anti-exclusion focus.
Guiding Principles / Statement of Values
Tacú Family Resource Centre will ensure certain basic values are manifest in how we work.
  • A commitment to Family Support & Community Development
This will involve us staying true to the principles of equality, social justice, to recognising that the resources of society are distributed unequally to the disadvantage of certain groups, to participation, inclusion, and recognising the capacity of all members of society to work together.
A commitment to these values will also reflect in our approach to our work that will emphasise working with people in situations of greatest disadvantage. This work will be done with people rather than for them and will seek to develop people’s capacity to help themselves.
Tacú Family Resource Centre is committed to promoting a project that:
  • Is accessible and relevant to Individuals, families & Community Groups that we are contracted to work with.
  • Accommodates diversity and needs and aspirations specific to particular groups of people covered under the Equality Legislation.
  • Seeks equality of outcome.
  • Promotes positive action to ensure equality outcomes.
  • Ensures that no one is discriminated against by virtue of their gender, family status, marital status, religion, age, and race, membership of the Traveller community, sexual orientation or disability.
1. Individuals families & Community Groups are supported to be healthy both physically and mentally
Healthy, both physically and mentally.
2. Families & Community Groups have access to a range of training and education opportunities locally. 
Supported in active learning.

3. Individuals, Families and Community Groups are actively engaged with, and passionate about, their local community & have the capacity to influence to policy at local, regional and national level.
Part of positive networks of family, friends, neighbours and the community / Included and participating in society.

4. Isolated members of the community are connected, included and feel save in their community.
Safe from accidental and intentional harm / Secure in the immediate and wider physical environment.

5. Individuals, Families & Community Groups in the South Mayo area have a sustainable Centre that acts as a central hub for community activity and engagement
Economically secure.