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Ballymun Child & Family Resource Centre

Shangan Green, Ballymun, Dublin 9
(Eastern Region)

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Core Staff

Role: Manager

Name: Valerie O' Carroll

Role: Financial Administrator

Name: Sandra Adams

Role: Development Worker

Name: Mary Walsh

About Us

The Ballymun Child & Family Resource Centre is an initative to support local families to achieve their full potential. By working locally we want to improve Learning & Wellbeing outcomes for children  and parents. We work in partnership with parents to build on the social and emotional relationship between the parent and child by providing activities which are designed to encourage positive interaction in a supportive setting. 
In September 2014 we secured a building from Dublin City Council, this has enabled the Family Resource Centre to start its work supporting local families. 
The Governance Structure: 
BCFRC CLG (Ballymun Child & Family Resource Centre) is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in 2015. It is funded by TUSLA 
The Directors of the company are representatives from the local community & organisations. The process of decision making of the Company is clearly set out in the company’s Articles and Memorandum of Association.  The board of management make  decisions by consensis if this cannot be reached the board will make their decisions  by majority voting, with the Chairperson having a second or casting vote in the case of a tie. 
Prevention and Early Intervention 
 We are involved in an area - based approach to prevention, partnership and family support. We believe that preventative services for children and families will achieve better outcomes for children and families in the long-term. We hold the view that intervening early with families where there are difficulties in order to prevent problems from escalating will support families to solve their own problems.  
We want to change the relationship with other service providers in order to bring services together. When dealing with effective protection of children and young people at risk, it requires good working partnerships between all agencies. 
In order to make positive changes in a child’s life, the overall needs and context of the family have to be taken into consideration. Strategies that do not fully engage with parents and children are less likely to be effective (Mc Keown, 2001)