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Ballymote FRC

Corner of Wolfe Tone Street & Keash Road, Ballymote, Co Sligo, F56 R282
(Western Region)

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Core Staff

Role: Coordinator

Name: Niamh Flaherty

Role: Administrator

Name: Orla McGarry

Core Activities

  • Sensory Room
  • Pilates / Yoga
  • Walking Groups
  • Training and Education -Level 3,4,5 &6
  • Childrens Drama Classes & Yoga
  • Holistic Therapies- Reflexology etc
  • Counselling & Play therapist
  • Mindfulness
  • Crochet / Art Classes
  • Family Support
  • Department of Social Protection Outreach/MABS
  • Parent/Guardian Toddler Groups

About Us

Our aim is to offer everybody, particularly those who experience disadvantage and marginalisation the opportunity to improve the functioning of the family unit and ultimately to fully realise their own potential through total involvement in the work and programmes of the Family Resource Centre. The management structure of the Centre fully reflects this aim. The emphasis is placed on active participation at all levels and inter-relationship between all groups using the Centre.

  • To ensure family support principles and practices remain at the core of the work of Ballymote Family Resource Centre.
  • Raise awareness on matters relating to poverty and social exclusion and reach out, particularly to isolated people who are not currently availing of supports
  • To actively encourage members of target groups to participate in a voluntary capacity in the work of the centre and to become involved in the running of the FRC.
  • To facilitate training and education and to implement programmes agreed with target groups that meet their needs and assist them in taking an active role in society.
  • To meet the needs of youth for meeting places and creative activities.
  • Provide support for people in the community who are distressed by health problems.
  • To support families who are victims of domestic trauma.
  • To support parents with family access provision.
  • To provide support for women’s self-development in the Ballymote area.
  • To provide support for men’s self-development in the Ballymote area and to encourage fathers to use the services of the FRC.
  • To support young children in early development.
  • To provide support and training for parents of children in all age groups.
  • To promote the inclusion of Travellers in the Ballymote community.
  • People who have been excluded due to their sexual orientation.
  • To ensure the work of the Ballymote Family Resource Centre reflects all of the Ballymote community.
  • The Family Resource Centre will network with other private, statutory and voluntary agencies at local and national levels to support the FRC in fulfilling their aims.
  • That the internal management would be based on the principles of the programme and there will be regular reviews with the participants on the project.